Industry Services

Integrated systems for facilities process performance, monitoring and analysis; providing intelligent solutions to improve the operations, resilience, asset life cycle and productivity of an industrial facility.

Smart Industry Food

The factory of the future will be digital, flexible, responsible and efficient to remain competitive in a congested world market. It will result from the shared vision of industrial, business and political stakeholders, who are committed to proactive and sustainable re-industrialisation initiatives. SPIE supports its customers throughout this 4th Industrial revolution by placing people at the core of factory operations and using sustainable ecosystems of proven technologies and breakthrough innovations.

Information technologies, sensors and simulation, modelling, processing & control-and-management software tools make it possible to rethink logistic flows and production lines. 

The 4.0 Factory embodies the technological know-how acquired by SPIE throughout the course of its history alongside industrial manufacturers with a strong focus on:

Productivity and Competitiveness

More efficient use of raw materials and production tools, real energy efficiencies, more robust quality-control policies, better preventive and predictive maintenance by using big data and cloud computing technologies.


Expertise and ongoing training, optimisation of energy consumption to reduce CO2 emissions, waste reduction and recycling to contribute to the circular economy.

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