Smart Workplace

With today’s technological advancements, there is more of a focus on how this can be a driver for change within the workplace. For commercial businesses, design and technology provides greater opportunities to optimise the performance of a space, its assets and the people that work within it - achieving economical and sustainable results.

Smart Workplace

Workplace Optimisation

Business outcomes, be it productivity, are intrinsically linked to the well-being of their people. In a digitally expanding economy, the workspace is no longer a single seat at a desk but is evolving to become a more dynamic and integrated environment for its people.

Connecting people to the buildings and environments they work within and visit underpins SPIE UK’s smart workspace capabilities. Our approach revolves around people, business and operations, taking the time to understand our customers’ needs prior to designing a workplace that functions beautifully and efficiently for those who occupy it.


Designing for People

At the discovery stage, we work closely with the customer to identify the needs of the project and the constraints that it must fit within, focused on understanding your people and space.

At the concept stage, we’ll establish the interrelationship of functions and people to achieve the most efficient systems selection and spatial layouts and their integration. This includes identifying options, establishing your business objectives, how your people communicate and their relationships.


Delivering for Business

At the development stage, we define how the project will be delivered from the detailing of all the quality and performance standards to the technologies and interiors. We develop the detailed design, specify products and materials, integrate systems and undertake project execution.

At the delivery stage, this is about realising the developed design into the creation of the project in readiness for occupation. We deliver quality through expert project management, supply chain integration, assembly of the facility and the trialing and testing of space.


Designing for Operations

At the operate stage, we encapsulate all the proceeding stages into the maintenance, monitoring and management of your live environment.

We can deliver continuous improvement through maintenance of your space, life cycle of your assets, wellbeing of your people and the energy efficiency of your systems.

Our expert teams can define, design and engineer intelligent technology-driven solutions for the smart fit-out of your space, helping you reimagine your vision of a connected workspace.

Capability & Offers


Energy management systems for the deployment of renewable energies, resulting in cost savings, efficiencies and carbon footprint reduction.

Facilities Management

Integration of smart technology and engineering for smart optimisation of a facility’s operations can improve building performance, occupant wellbeing, cost and energy savings.

Workplace Utilisation

Monitoring space usage through smart technology, such as motion, temperature or localised presence detection, to improve building performance through the reduction in energy consumption.


Adaptive smart systems for improving CO2, light and noise levels; creating spaces that cultivate a reinvigorated, creative and productive working culture.

Build & Connect

Expert capability to design, build and deliver a smart solution that provides added value to the customer with cost savings and a return on investment.

Industry Services

Integrated systems for facilities process performance, monitoring and analysis; providing intelligent solutions to improve the operations, resilience, asset life cycle and productivity of an industrial facility.

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