Tunnels and Public Lighting

SPIE has a multitude of experience of tunneling projects. Predominantly road tunnels, but with added knowledge of rail and tram tunnel construction and maintenance.

Road tunnel with LED lighting

SPIE has been involved with work on road tunnels for over 20 years, working chiefly in electrical and mechanical solutions such as sprinklers, ventilation, drainage, and pumping stations.

We deliver tunneling works encompassing design, installation and management. SPIE even effectively trains the ‘tunnel-managers’ to run the tunnel once the project complete to ensure its longevity. Given the challenging nature of tunnel works (traffic management, night-time working hours and tight time frame), SPIEs extensive expertise really come to the fore.

In terms of public lighting, for example street lighting or bus stations, SPIE works closely with suppliers to create a bespoke solution, appropriate for that client.

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