To meet greenhouse gas targets by 2030, three-fifths of our vehicles must be electric. In order for this goal to be realised, an electric car charging infrastructure must be developed across the UK. SPIE is tackling the issue head on – councils will need charging points, employers will need them in staff carparks and we’ll need them in our airports etc.

SPIE Electric Vehicle

Driving towards the EV revolution

To tackle air pollution and the energy transition, the British government plan to ban the sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040. 

Road to Zero, the UK’s ambitious scheme to transition to zero emission road transport and reduce emissions from conventional vehicles, is a long-term objective that will make the UK a leader in the EV revolution. Consequently, electric vehicle infrastructure is now a key focus that will allow the UK to realise its ambitious targets and accelerate electric vehicle adoption.

Working towards a more sustainable future

Although there is still some way to go to achieve the government’s zero emission objective by 2040, SPIE UK recognises the need to develop an adaptable electric vehicle charging infrastructure to help drive forward this change. 

As part of our Smart City offering, we can deliver a comprehensive EV solution that meets customers’ sustainability priorities and aids the transition to electric vehicle adoption. Fundamentally, this will transform urban environments into cleaner, greener and healthier spaces, as well as assist in the fight against global warming.

From small to large workspace, new development, retail or car park operator charging solutions to a complete network of ultra-fast charging stations across the UK, our expert teams have the in-depth knowledge, understanding and experience to meet all your EV charging needs.

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