Smart City

Our cities are undergoing dramatic change as a result of new technologies. Our urban metropolises are full of sensors, whether they are measuring the level of emissions in the air, lighting levels or temperature changes, all of this interconnected information is there to help businesses and individuals manage their assets and resources effectively. The UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) considers ‘Smart Cities’ a process rather than a static outcome, in which increased citizen engagement, hard infrastructure, social capital and digital technologies make cities more liveable, resilient and better able to respond to challenges.

Smart City

A Connected and Optimised Built Environment

The digital age is making our world smarter and with recent advances in data gathering and analysis, it has presented new possibilities for smart building technology and integrated urban areas to help our cities keep up with modern trends.

The cities we live in empower us. They bring people together, keep us safe and keep us on the move.

And in turn, we are empowering them to be smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable. We at SPIE are working towards creating an ever-connected and optimised built environment designing, building, and maintaining systems that make great cities work. We’re always looking to the future, capitalising on emerging technologies to help people live for tomorrow.

Smart City Solutions

Our passion and focus on continuous improvement is demonstrated through the delivery of our core smart city offerings, which include the smart management of transport networks, safety and security systems, telecom infrastructures and car charging for urban resilience, as well as the integration of connected technologies, big data analysis and the development of smart building infrastructure - with an end goal to improve the energy performance of our cities.


Electric powered vehicles are the ideal solution to reduce fossil fuel consumption and carbon gas emissions. They are more energy efficient than traditional methods of transport and cover a wide array of vehicles, including cars, buses, trucks.

Supporting the Energy Transition

To make our cities more sustainable, we can deliver wind turbines that generate more than 1GW of power to over a million homes, ensuring occupants receive green electricity year-on-year.

Technology & Communications

We help ensure public safety and keep you connected whenever and wherever by working with local authorities to design and install city-wide private wireless networks for public space CCTV monitoring and public Wi-Fi.


From Concept and design through to implementation, we continue to deliver smart engineering solutions to the aviation sector to meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's travelers.

Tunnels, Transport & Logistics

Since the organisation began, SPIE has gained a multitude of experience of tunnelling projects. Predominantly road tunnels, but with added knowledge of rail and tram tunnel construction and maintenance.

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