TEGG: Energised Condition Monitoring

Energised condition monitoring combines the latest high-quality imaging techniques with the world-renowned TEGG system of delivery.


TEGG Service is a proven live testing regime using state-of-the-art technologies to deliver an advanced preventative and energised maintenance program. Its web-based reporting platform and asset management system presents accurate asset performance data, helping the end-user identify any anomalies.

Traditional electrical testing requires the shutdown of business systems and processes causing disruption and downtime in critical environments such as data centres, manufacturing facilities, hospitals , airports, ports and public buildings – in fact anywhere that operates 24 hours with no practical maintenance opportunity.

By using the latest Thermo graphic and Ultrasonic equipment, the Tegg service provides a unique live environment energised testing regime to your critical infrastructure.

Trust Our Experts

The key to delivering our service is our team of extensively trained and accomplished engineers equipped with the latest testing equipment and full protective PPE.

Their training includes specific health & safety issues involved in working in live environments, use of thermographic and ultrasonic devices, and assessing voltage and current harmonics, earth loop impedance, power factor, phase balance and prospective fault current.

This proven methodology ensures the safety of the engineers and building occupiers thereby minimising the risk of “Arcflash” the cause of many electrical fires and injuries.

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