MOTUS by SPIE is our complete plant & machinery moving and relocation service.

MOTUS by SPIE Technical Lifting

We are specialists in the decommissioning, lifting, transportation, installation and removal of the complete range of industrial machinery & equipment.

Thanks to our long history of engineering excellence, and vast experience across a wide range of industries, we are also able to offer civil engineering, installation of mechanical, electrical, and HVAC services to support our machine moving & relocation service.

From the initial preparation of foundations and footings, through removal, relocation, and recommissioning, to final testing, finishing, and handover with documentation, MOTUS by SPIE can be your complete turn key solution.

Our Services


Decommissioning and removing existing machinery, match marking, 3D building & layout scans to CAD and BIM, and of course, packing and shipping.

Technical Lifting

Heavy lifting utilising cranes, hydraulic gantries, forklifts, versa lifts, or twin lifts.

MOTUS by SPIE Technical Lifting


Fully managed national and international transportation.

MOTUS by SPIE Technical Lifting


Civil, mechanical, HVAC and electrical installation including all ancillary equipment.

Alignment and Levelling

Positioning, alignment, and levelling of machinery.

Services Installation

Machine foundations, mechanical, ducting, ventilation and electrical service installation.

MOTUS by SPIE Technical Lifting


Pre commissioning , FAT / SAT and testing.

MOTUS by SPIE Technical Lifting


Final commissioning, handover and documentation.

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