Legionella and Water Quality Solutions

An integrated solution for inspection, testing and associated remedial works

As experts in Legionella and water quality services, SPIE offers a specialist integrated solution for Legionella inspection, testing and associated remedial works, ensuring compliance and value. This includes remote water temperature monitoring, risk assessments, legionella and quality testing, water system design, cleaning and flushing as well as water harvesting and water saving options.

To deliver best in class legionella services, we partner with leading providers such as Cistermiser for remote monitoring equipment and utilise the Sigfox network for enhanced network coverage. In turn, the client can benefit from cost savings and a reduction in their carbon footprint as this facilitates continuous monitoring without the need for monthly visits.

Steve Austin, SPIE UK’s Legionella expert heads up this service, and is not only a member of the water management society, but is a registered trainer delivering training and coaching to water and ventilation consultants nationwide.

SPIE UK is ISO/IEC 17020 accredited for the management of Legionella risks.

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Keeping Public Buildings Safe

SPIE provides legionella services to a portfolio of public buildings located in North-East Scotland. With a dedicated local team, we deliver specialist services from risk assessments and inspections to installation and supply of remedial works to community centres, libraries, museums, town halls, schools and council offices from risk assessments and inspections to installation and supply of remedial works.

What makes this contract unique, is the use of a zoning process, which splits the area into zones to enable SPIE’s operatives to work around the city and finish in the centre. 


This use of intelligent logistics ensures an efficient approach to travel associated with planned works.

Furthermore, to certify efficiency is maintained by mitigating workload peaks, the contract is segmented with work planned by site and tasks assigned, scheduled and delivered by zone each month. Not only is this cost effective for the client, but allows for effective resource allocation.

As part of the integrated Legionella solution, we also provide the client with monthly monitoring, cleaning of the tanks, training of council staff and Legionella advice.

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Remote Monitoring

SPIE has been providing facilities services to one of the UK's leading and real estate advisory businesses since 2012. As part of our commitment to providing a flexible and innovative service, SPIE partnered with Cistermiser to trial the latest remote water temperature monitoring devices at our own offices before rolling out the specialist technology to our client's portfolio.

By combining remote monitoring with SPIE's comprehensive solution, which includes remedial, reactive, PPM and risk assessments, we have been able to realise considerable service enhancement by providing a fully integrated Legionella offering.

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