Commercial Hazardous Environment Control Systems

Our ability to provide systems within hazardous environments puts us at the forefront of M&E services within the industrial sector.

Our ability to work within and provide systems within hazardous environments puts us at the forefront of mechanical and electrical services within the industrial sector.

Hazardous environments require the highest levels of competency, innovation and most important safe working methods.

We have extensive experience of working within these environments providing solutions to control and reduce any risks through the use of segregation, negative pressure environments and dust control systems.

ATEX Environments (Explosion Risks)

When working within ATEX environments, it is critical to understand the systems that must be put in place to reduce the explosion risk within the area.

An ATEX environment occurs when the process within an area creates an explosion risk due to a release of combustible material into the air.

A few examples of processes which can create an ATEX environment are;

  • Food Manufacturing – Flour Dust, Seasoning
  • Breweries – Beverage Clarifiers, Malting Process
  • Distilleries – Alcohol Vapour Release
  • Pharmaceutical – Bulk Storage & Handling Of Drugs In Powder Form
  • Oil & Gas – Fuel Vapour Release

Where practical, the best solution to reduce ATEX environment risks is to capture to combustible material at source.

This is carried out with local extract ventilation systems, including dust collection where necessary.

All equipment that we install within ATEX environments will be suitably rated to meet the ATEX zone requirements into which they will be installed.

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