An integrated service that incorporates the latest building design thinking through technology applications and advanced analytics.

Our network of experts and management teams can integrate surveys, design, implementation, advanced technology, building monitoring and analytics to achieve comprehensive service provision of building performance and sustainability to our clients, incorporating the following responsibilities:

  • Improving building performance
  • On-site energy generation integration
  • Efficiency and carbon reduction solutions
  • Life cycle management of systems
  • Monitoring and verification integration along with the identification of potential savings
  • External supervision of operations and energy use and reporting
    EV and engineer

    To create highly efficient and resilient buildings that remain fit for purpose for the future, requires a partner for managing resources and energy more effectively. This depends on broader and deeper data analysis and engineering solutions that provide excellent return on investments.

    Our holistic approach is not only extremely viable, but works in synergy with a structured engineering delivery process approach that can be implemented over six planned stages.

    Improving building performance
    Improving building performance

    We incorporate the latest building design thinking through technology applications and advanced analytics, coupled with our service capabilities to deliver elevated levels of building performance, whether that be for a client’s building, campus or widespread estate.

    Testament to our expertise and experience in the convergence of energy and engineering, we have delivered a diverse range of energy solutions across the built environment including, but not exclusive to major airports, educational facilities, historic buildings, high tech manufacturing, infrastructure, commercial buildings and residential.

    Energy efficient floodlights at Tynecastle Park

    Energy use in buildings can be easily between 20% to 50% in pure waste from the way systems are used and operated, the leakiness of fabrics, poor insulation, and lack of solar control. Ventilation systems can also be a key area of energy waste from poor operational control, over supply, inefficient equipment and inappropriate controls in relation to building utilisation.

    With the climate emergency upon us, helping clients ensure their buildings consume only the necessary energy, is vital. Improving energy efficiency presents more opportunity to reduce operating budgets and total carbon emissions, whilst increasing asset life cycle. SPIE leverage supply chain technology, in-house technical know-how and project management capability through the deployment of building efficiency experts, along with the experience of energy efficiency projects across most of Europe and the UK to turn buildings into high-performing assets, operating more economically and sustainably.

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