Clean Room Consultancy, Design & Installation

We design & construct clean rooms and undertake every aspect from research and development through to final product manufacturing.

SPIE have a wealth of experience providing innovative design and project execution to the Pharmaceutical, Life Science and Electronics industries. We offer the full range of cleanroom services from consultancy, design engineering, construction and installation, through to full design and build turnkey solutions.


We provide various cleanroom door options including PVC faced steel, glazed doors in flush frame's, GRP doors in flush frame's and compatible rapid roll doors. Our tailored approach allows you to have the optimum flexibility when choosing which door to install.

These doors are designed and installed by our team and are fully compatible with Cleanroom wall and ceiling systems. The doors are also designed to eliminate any ledges or corners that could lead to contamination.


Our twin-glazed flush cleanroom windows can be installed on their own or as part of a door, and are available in various size options, allowing our clients to have complete flexibility in design.


We offer a wide range of cleanroom flooring to suit any application, including vinyl, epoxy and terrazzo. Our flooring systems work seamlessly with our wall systems creating a wall-to-floor interface that permits various levels of aseptic detailing to suit our clients.

Clean Room Performance Testing & Validation

We deliver fully tested facilities, certified and validated to the standards set down by the user requirements and applicable regulations. We offer HEPA Filter Integrity Testing, Induction Leakage Testing, Airborne Particle Counts, Temperature, Humidity and Pressure tests, Lighting and noise levels and Room Recovery.

In addition to this, we can offer full facility validation based on using either client’s existing protocols or new ones. SPIE UK take full responsibility from design to installation and through to handover of all project documentation.

Ceiling Systems

Our modular walk-on ceiling is designed to provide a flush ceiling system that also permits staff to access the area above. This in turn can eliminate the need for additional platforms above the cleanroom area, thus reducing overall project cost.

Our design team will lay out the ceiling design to suit the HVAC, mechanical, electrical and additional services that are required in the controlled environment.

Cleanroom Luminaire

We offer flush mount luminaire options with walk-on capabilities. This luminaire is designed to fit flush (top & bottom) into our composite load-bearing ceiling panels. The body of the luminaire is of split-frame design with no visible screws on the underside, manufactured from heavy gauge steel of welded construction.

Our Luminaire is fitted with smart LED technology creating a brighter light that uses less energy. This in turn creates a more cost effective solution to traditional lighting options.

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