Tunnels, Transport & Logistics

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Tunnels, Transport & Logistics

With over 30 years’ experience and expertise in tunneling and infrastructure projects, SPIE UK specialises in the delivery of cost-effective and energy-efficient mechanical and electrical solutions, whether that be for lighting, security systems, fire suppression, sprinklers, ventilation, drainage, pumping stations or control systems, in line with current legislative requirements. As a key player in this market, we have had great success maintaining and upgrading some of the UK’s busiest tunnels.

Those working in the highways sector are not just key workers – they are critical to the country as a whole. You are doing an outstanding job under extremely challenging circumstances. Thanks to your dedication and commitment, the strategic and local road networks remain open. And as a result, crucial supplies of food, life-saving medicines, fuel and other goods can move around the country, while health and other emergency workers can travel to where they are needed most.

President of ADEPT Darryl Eyers

In this difficult time, we understand that there is an even greater need to respond quickly to emergencies. Our highly-skilled technically trained engineering team and trusted supply chain partners can do just that, whether urgent call outs for critical faults or accidents/incidents, we can be on hand to ensure the ongoing and efficient operations of our road and tunnel systems.

Given the challenging nature of tunnel works, which involves traffic management, night-time working hours and tight time frames, our enviable track record of on-time and on-budget delivery is testament to our design, installation, project management and logistics expertise. Moreover, once a project is commissioned, it doesn’t stop there; our fully trained tunnel managers can ensure the effective and long-term operation of tunnels.

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SPIE's commitment and response during the COVID-19 pandemic has been recognised at the highest levels. Baroness Vere of Norbiton commended SPIE in a recent letter saying:

"Despite the many obstacles authorities and contractors are experiencing because of Covid-19, it is important that local highway authorities, those associated with highway infrastructure maintenance and construction works, road network surveyors, and the wider supply chain, including builders’ merchants and asphalt plants, all work together to help improve and upgrade our highway networks for all road users. I would like to thank you again for your work during this exceptionally difficult period. There are still many difficult weeks and months ahead. But the whole country owes a debt of gratitude to employees across our highways maintenance, construction, and streetworks industry who have worked tirelessly to keep Britain on the move."

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