Chemical & Petrochemical Solutions

SPIE is a leader in the provision of electrical and instrumentation systems and services to the chemical and petrochemical industries.

SPIE is a leading player in the UK industrial sector specialising in electrical and instrumentation engineering providing the full suite of multi technical and support services in a variety of design engineering fields including electrical, instrumentation, mechanical and process. However we can provide a wider scope of engineering including mechanical, piping, civil, construction and maintenance services.

We believe our design innovations, commitment to health and safety and the environment, and dedication to quality and excellence allows us to give considerable value and advantages to the customer.

It is our policy to provide the best possible practice and procedures to ensure that our staff operate in a safe and healthy environment in line with current behavioural safety initiatives and the ATEX137 workspace directive. As would be expected, we have the full range of ISO accreditations including 9001, 14001 and also have OHSAS 18001 which is at the heart of our day to day activities.

SPIE UK enjoy an exceptionally high level of repeat business which makes us very proud, as it illustrates how well our project teams integrate with our customers. Our employees work seamlessly with our clients driving a culture of added value and mutual respect; we have a flexible, can do approach to engineering with safety as a top priority.

Our extensive portfolio of differing projects extend from small remote gas installations scattered across the UK, to complex ATEX and Instrumentation engineering projects, such as the fit out of well head modules.

SPIE are proud of the fact that we have the engineering staff and mobility to conduct projects both onshore and offshore within the UK, however, we also work internationally should our customers require our assistance.

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