Our solutions offer the flexibility to address today's fundamental changes taking place in healthcare and patient care delivery services.


The healthcare sector brings with it an unusual set of challenges. Our National Health Service in particular, is under immense pressure to improve service to patients on a limited budget. This combined with the fact that many organisations in the industry have a portfolio of aging buildings, with few having modern features which lend themselves to sustainability and efficiency means organisations are seeking ways to improve their facilities with limited funding and meet specific Health Technical Memorandum (HTMs).

By listening to the client from the outset, the company is able to consider individual operational facility issues in order to create a solution that can improve service delivery. SPIE understands the budget constraints and can demonstrate cost effectiveness and long-term sustainability.

As technology changes and improves, our technical teams keep the company up-to-date with what this means for engineering delivery. The advent of predictive and proactive maintenance, whereby machines detect, via sensors, possible faults in equipment and machinery before failure occurs.

In the future, with the integration of IoT, SPIE will be able to mobilise an engineer and send them to site before the customer knows something is wrong.

This use of technology will transform the healthcare industry by dramatically reducing costs and disruption to patients and staff. By collecting and analysing performance data gathered from sensors monitoring equipment and our engineering visits we can report back to the client with informed decisions which will aid their budgeting process and forward plans.

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