Healthcare Engineering Services

Our solutions offer the flexibility to address today's fundamental changes taking place in healthcare and patient care delivery services.

The healthcare sector brings with it an unusual set of challenges. Our National Health Service is under immense pressure to improve service delivery to patients on a limited budget. This, combined with the fact that many organisations in the industry have a portfolio of aging buildings, with few lending themselves to sustainability and efficiency, means organisations are now seeking ways to cost effectively improve their facilities.

SPIE has the capability to optimise these facilities cost effectively and in line with specific Health Technical Memorandum (HTMs).

We understand that the well-being, comfort and safety of patients comes first in healthcare. It is also our priority when creating bespoke solutions that can improve the customer’s service delivery while in conjunction, meet necessary regulatory, sanitary and safety requirements, operational prerequisites, performance obligations, and quality of service and budget constraints.

Long-term sustainability for the whole lifecycle of a facility is demonstrated through our integrated technology-driven solutions which include design, installation, operation, maintenance and workspace optimisation.

As technology advances and digital transformation progresses, SPIE has the ability to utilise and deploy existing and emerging technology/systems to help enhance our customer’s operational facility and its performance.

This use of technology will transform the healthcare industry by dramatically reducing costs and disruption to patients and staff. By collecting, analysing and interpreting performance data gathered remotely and via on-site visits from sensors and monitoring equipment, our findings/results can help the customer make informed decisions for present and future planning.

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