Food & Beverage Project Management Solutions

Our broad experience allows us to design and build a solution to meet the customer’s needs and meet the required high standards for hygiene.

Experts in the Food and Beverage Sector

Our extensive design and build experience working within the food and beverage sector allows us to meet the high-quality standards expected of our customers.

The food and beverage market is the backbone to the UK's manufacturing industry, with many challenges including the need for hygienic installations, temperature and humidity control, pressure cascades between production areas, & effective and efficient wash down systems.

Within the food and beverage market, it is critical to keep production going with minimal downtime.

Working Within a Live Environment

To our customers, the ability to deliver a project with the least amount of disruption to the production possible is critical to their success. With up front planning, out of hours working, and segregation of working areas, we can keep the downtime of production to a minimum, allowing the day to day production activities to continue.

Energy Efficiency & Monitoring

Food & beverage manufacturing require a significant amount of energy and water usage. As utility costs are constantly rising, our offers always include energy saving options which provide a full range of monitoring solutions that highlight energy is usage across facilities, and track when a particular area or process has lost efficiency to allow maintenance to be carried out.

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We offer the full range of design & build services to the food and beverage market including:

Utility Supplies to Process Equipment

Utility Supplies

Utility supplies to process equipment

Hygiene Wash Down Systems

Expert advice for this vital aspect of the food and beverage production process.

Steam & Condensate Systems

Systems for plant, clean and pure steam, distribution, and condensate recovery.

CO2 Management

CO2 Management

Experts in CO2 extract ventilation & management

Dust Control

Protecting your team's health while improving product quality, machine reliability, and the safety of your facility.

Condensation Management

A range of systems to manage condensation tailored to your facility.

Condensation Management

Temperature Control

A complete range of temperature & humidity control solutions with energy cost minimisation as standard.

Temperature Control

Pressure Cascades

Ensuring conditions in adjacent areas have limited impact on a controlled zone.

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