A one stop shop for multi-service engineering solutions for the aviation sector.

Commercial Offices

We combine competitive performance with smarter spaces to address the current and future needs of owners and occupants.

Data Centres

At SPIE, our flexibility and forward-thinking approach enables us to move with the direction of what is an ever-expansive marketplace.


SPIE has been designing, developing and delivering projects for Defence Estates for almost 20 years.


SPIE’s tailored offering helps ensure the wellbeing and comfort of those who operate in the education sector.

Financial & Professional Services

With our main focus being business criticality and continuity, we deliver reliable, quality-driven and responsive services to our clients.

Food and Beverage

Our broad experience allows us to design and build a solution to meet the customer’s needs and meet the required...


Our solutions offer the flexibility to address today's fundamental changes taking place in healthcare and patient care delivery services.

Heritage and Museums

With the help of smart energy management and new technology, SPIE introduce new ways to view the cultural world.


Tailored solutions that integrate our full range of capabilities, from engineering assistance to installation and maintenance optimisation.


SPIE is a leader in the provision of electrical and instrumentation systems and services to the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

As a highly regulated and validated industry, the pharmaceutical sector is one that demands the upmost professional standards.

Retail & Leisure

From banks, supermarkets, and even cinemas, SPIE's bespoke solutions are tailored for every unique customer scenario.

Smart City

We're creating ever-connected and optimised built environment systems that make great cities work.


We take pride in our flexible, resourceful, and proactive approach to the just-in-time activities of a modern steel manufacturing facility.

Tunnels, Transport & Logistics

From concept & design through to implementation, we deliver smart engineering solutions to meet the needs of today's & tomorrow's...