Supporting Schools During the COVID-19 Lockdown

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SPIE UK is proud to have been able to support our customers and local communities during the COVID-19 lockdown.

We deliver expert facility services to schools across the UK. For five of our Scottish schools, we were asked to ensure the availability of power, gas and hot water to enable them to accommodate Support in the Community which provides meals to vulnerable people seven days a week.

But we didn't just provide technical engineering services; we were also hands-on in helping set up the working and packing stations, taking deliveries, loading vehicles with the finished food packs and even making visors to help keep the team safe. Naturally, maintaining social distancing and the highest standards of hygiene was our number one priority throughout.

Visors & food for packaging

In Manchester and Salford, our teams worked with the schools we support to brainstorm new ideas to assist with social distancing in and around their buildings

Social distancing measures in and around schools

One particularly popular concept avoided the usual hazard tape and instead opted for dots, arrows and feet to indicate social distancing measures. This innovative and professional implementation impressed our client and the local authority enough for them to roll it out across other projects they were overseeing.

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