SPIE Offers a Simple Solution to the Problem of Split Tanks & Legionella

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Posted by SPIE UK

Legionella a type of bacterium found naturally in freshwater environments, is a significant health risk when it grows and spreads in building water systems.

More recently, due to COVID-19, buildings are under capacity due to social distancing and home working. As a result, the volume of water is the same but with a reduced turnover in tanks, making Legionella more prevalent. This can particularly affect hospitals, office blocks and schools.

Fundamentally, split tanks are becoming a major cause for concern as one side of the tank becomes dominant and stagnated, which can cause Legionella or Pseudomonas in the worst cases. For SPIE, it has been essential to recognise the inefficiency and high costs associated with dealing with this issue. However, as experts in water treatment and Legionella, we have come up with an innovative solution called 'Tank Safe'. This involves fitting a stratification pump between the tanks to run at night when the flow is low to re-circulate both tanks, completely stopping the stagnation.

At one of our sites, our specialist teams have installed a timed pump that runs during the night for 2-3 hours re-circulating both of the existing tanks. We are proud to say that since installation, there has been no high bacteria count and running costs have been reduced.

What makes this unique solution so attractive is that it can be easily retrofitted to any split tank system. 

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