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Data Centre Efficiency: How is Digital Transformation and Climate Change, Directly Linked?

We’ve heard it all before: Digital Transformation. It has been the buzzword of the 21st century, but as our lives, both personal and professional continue to centre around and be impacted by technology, digital transformation will continue to be a part of our vocabulary, and more importantly, our business strategies. One specific area that has seen considerable growth thanks to digital transformation is the data centre market.

While this growth is positive in a multitude of ways, it is causing several challenges, particularly around the amount of energy used in running data centres. What most don't realise is the impact it has on energy consumption throughout 2017, the global energy consumption of data centres was about 3.5% and is predicted to grow to approximately 14% by 2040. Due to the significant amount of power that is used to operate data centres and make sure they remain operational, global data centre energy use is set to reach about 5% of all consumption by 2020.

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