SPIE Launches Online Mental Health First Aid Sessions

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Posted by SPIE UK

On average, 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health issue each year. During the COVID-19 outbreak, this figure is likely to be much higher, which is why SPIE UK recognises the need more than ever to provide its employees with an easier way to access support from our dedicated Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs).

The role of an MHFA at SPIE is to be a point of contact for an employee who is experiencing a mental health issue or emotional difficulty. Our MHFAs are not trained therapists or psychiatrists, but they do offer initial support through non-judgmental listening and guidance to ensure the person in distress is directed to the appropriate help from a professional if required.

The UK lockdown has forced us to adapt our ways of communicating, but SPIE's mental health services remain open and available. Our MHFAs are now accessible online for 20-minute virtual "surgeries" delivered via Microsoft Teams or Skype. Employees can book a session using a dedicated online portal and then join a virtual face-to-face meeting via a mobile device or PC.

As a business, we are passionate about championing the wellbeing of our workforce, and we're proud to be able to continue to offer support in a new way through online access to our Mental Health First Aiders whenever they are needed.

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