SPIE Celebrates World Mental Health Day 2022

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Raising awareness of mental health issues through training and fundraising.

On the 10th of October 2022, SPIE UK celebrated World Mental Health Day. Awareness is critical to breaking down the stigma and discrimination around mental health, and with this in mind, we had Sandra Green, our HSEQ/OHH Business Partner, deliver online company-wide Mental Health First Aid training to highlight some of the symptoms of poor mental health as well as the available support.

Stigma and discrimination around mental health are still very much with us. Celebrating WMHD by raising awareness is key to tackling these issues and giving our people a safe space to get the support they might need.

SPIE UK HSE/OHH Business Partner Sandra Green

Our site teams supported the day by fundraising for charities MIND and ANDYSMANCLUB and by wearing something green to help raise awareness of mental health issues. We also organised an online quiz that required a small donation to participate, with funds collected also going to charity.

As a business, we have trained over 80 SPIE employees as Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) and even more as Mental Health Champions. This training provides MHFAs with the knowledge to spot the symptoms of poor mental health and give first-hand support to our people.

We also offer a two-day MHFA course to our Senior Management to give them an understanding of what poor mental health may look like in their teams, the symptoms to be aware of, and the help that is available for those affected.

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