SPIE's 2021 Safety Day Reinforces our Life Saving Rules and Health & Safety Code

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SPIE's 2021 Safety Day Promotes Health & Safety Practices in Line with our Life Saving Rules and Health & Safety Code.

This year, the objective of SPIE Safety Day is to share good and bad practices in safety and encourage our teams to reflect on the expected behaviours required to comply with our Life Saving Rules (LSR) and SPIE Health & Safety Code.

As with any rules, they are non-negotiable and more so when it comes to the safety of our people. We not only expect our workforce to know the rules, but to integrate them into their daily work and that of their colleagues. It is about individuals feeling empowered to take proactive and positive actions if they see something wrong in relation to health & safety. However, we encourage those to acknowledge and celebrate good practices, which support LSR implementation.

Safety Day 2021 Engineers with Certificate

Today is an opportunity to reinforce our LSR and SPIE Health & Safety Code by hosting on-site and virtual workshops, in which five different scenarios will be presented via videos showing bad and good practices. These will cover the main risks detailed in the LSR and SPIE Health & Safety Code: electrical, working at height, lifting and road risk. Participants will answer a quiz citing which scenarios show good or bad practices.

This event brings colleagues together to engage and discuss health & safety practices, whether good or bad in an interactive manner. It also strengthens the message that individuals are not just responsible for their own actions/carrying out their activities as safely as possible, but that they have a responsibility to others if they see behaviour that could be a potential risk.

SPIE continues to encourage its people to keep the conversation going around health & safety, look out for one another and above all stay safe at all times.

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