SPIE Safety Day Highlights the Skills Needed to Remain Safe at Work

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Posted by SPIE UK

At SPIE UK our number one priority is the safety of our people, but it's fundamentally everyone's responsibility. That is why Safety Day has always been an important date in the calendar, enabling us to spread this message across the company and this year has been no different regardless of the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This year Safety Day focussed on exploring various scenarios to develop the skills of our workforce in identifying hazards and risks and the importance of reporting and correcting potential hazardous situations in both the office and on site. Although we couldn't deliver it in the usual way, we adapted to the current climate by hosting both physical, socially distanced, sessions for the on-site project teams and virtual sessions for those working remotely.

We are proud to say that this was a great success with plenty of open discussions around safety and our people feeling empowered to act on our key message, to stop their work if they think there is a risk to healthor safety.

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