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As the UK lockdown eases, organisations are implementing measures in their buildings to help reduce the spread of novel coronavirus. Increased surface cleaning, reduced occupancy rates, social distancing, and the use of barriers or screens to separate employees are all being implemented to help create a safer working environment.

When talking with customers, SPIE has found that alongside these mitigations, there has been a wave of interest in thermal imaging cameras to screen individuals for signs of fever as they enter a building.

Checking temperatures using a handheld thermometer is already taking place in specific settings, but this method restricts how fast employees or visitors can enter a building and needs an operator to stand within touching distance of an individual.

On the other hand, thermal imaging technology can assess multiple people concurrently avoiding the need for close contact. If an elevated temperature is detected, operators are automatically notified, allowing them to execute a local mitigation plan. In fact, with the ability to identify a potential fever in under 1 second, and with manufacturers stating an accuracy up to ±0.3°C, thermal imaging cameras are potentially ideal for rapid and preliminary screening at entrance areas of offices, stations, factories, airports and other public places.

Read the entire article on page 18 of the French Chamber of Great Britain's Info magazine.

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