Networking Plus speaks to SPIE's Peter Westwood about energy efficiency challenges for data centre operators

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Posted by SPIE UK

The IoT, 5G, ‘Industry 4.0’… As demand for data continues to skyrocket, RAHIEL NASIR wonders whether the energy efficiency challenges for data centre operators are set to worsen, especially as we move into the hyperscale era.

The environmental impact of data centres has been well documented over the years. But are they actually getting ‘greener’?

“We’re seeing a growing divide between increasingly larger hyperscale centres supporting the latest cloud technologies, and much smaller Edge locations where the picture is much less clear,” says Dr. Stu Redshaw, CTO at data centre energy optimisation specialist EkkoSense. “It’s fair to say that, given the huge volume of IT loads being processed, the larger centres have less of an environmental impact than their predecessors.”

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