Sandra Green Explains How We're Extending the Reach of Our Mental Health Training

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Posted by SPIE UK

2020 has seen mental health issues increase with more than two-thirds of adults in the UK feeling the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic in the form of stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, with home working becoming the new norm, we recognise at SPIE that employees may well feel isolated away from colleagues while struggling to adapt to a new way of life.

It is well documented that the majority of people often don't know what to say, or what actions to take when they are faced with someone in a mental health crisis. This is largely due to a lack of knowledge, not a lack of compassion.

With this in mind, SPIE is providing mandatory training for senior management to provide them with an understanding of what poor mental health may look like in their teams, the symptoms to be aware of, and what help is available for those affected.

Sadly, mental health disorders account for a quarter of people with health problems which is why SPIE continues to be committed to ensuring the well-being of its employees and supporting them through these uncertain times.

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