Intelligent Data Centres ‘Deep Dive’ with SPIE's Peter Westwood

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We ‘Deep Dive’ with Peter Westwood, Data Centre Director, SPIE UK, who explains life in and out of the office.

What would you describe as your most memorable accomplishment within the data centre industry?

"I have been extremely fortunate in my career to have contributed to some of the largest data centre projects in the UK and have many noteworthy achievements but some of my favourites have been related to innovation and prefabrication solutions, where we built 75% of the mechanical and electrical services off site with over 500 modules and plant skids.

This delivered speed to market in record time as well as producing the highest quality standards within a controlled environment in the safest manner. If you think that prefabrication and modularisation is common place now, a decade ago this category of work was truly groundbreaking.

This was truly forward thinking for its time and I was working with one of the first companies to execute it at this scale."

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Photo by Kevin Ku from Pexels

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