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Facilities Management is often a career that people fall into. In this regular column, FMJ speaks with an FM professional about how they found their way into the sector and takes a look at their career path. This month we chat with Sophie Sibley, Environmental and Energy Analyst at SPIE UK.

FMJ: How did you progress to your current role?

SS: I actually started out at SPIE in a temporary role after I finished University. During that period, I made an effort to speak with various people in the organisation to get a better understanding of the industry and what opportunities might be available. That's when I met George Adams, SPIE UK's Director of Energy and Engineering. I was lucky enough for him to spot my enthusiasm and knowledge of the environment and energy sector, and he subsequently offered me a job in his team.

FMJ: Do you have any qualifications or training in FM and related areas such as health and safety? If so, how have you benefited from them?

SS: I have a BSc in Environmental Sciences from the University of East Anglia. I have also been able to take several courses through SPIE, such as low carbon consultancy training.

FMJ: What is your most significant contribution to the FM sector, or your current role?

SS: Currently, I look at environmental regulations and how this will affect projects, as well as working with my colleagues to carry out energy management on our sites and produce reports such as ESOS and SECR.

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