The Data Centre Superpower Behind the Digital Economy

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Posted by SPIE UK

Next Generation Data is not just Europe's biggest data centre. It's a leading facility that's providing the platform for technological advancement.

In the last four decades we have seen the world transformed by technology, truly evident in the arrival of the internet in 1983. Since then, global connectivity has exploded beyond belief.

Recent statistics have showcased that there are 4.1 billion recorded internet users across the globe as of January 1, 2019. Google currently processes an astounding seven billion search queries a day.

In conjunction with the global digital revolution, many companies' IT operations have continued to become more and more sophisticated, meaning they require more advanced technologies in order to store and manage complex data.

Contrary to popular belief, this data is stored in physical services located in expansive buildings that are the lifeblood of both the internet and a plethora of progressive businesses.

In many cases, these buildings are known as data centres.

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