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Centrica Gas Storage


Leading integrated energy company Centrica required an end-to-end electrical and instrumentation installation and maintenance service for its gas storage platform 47/3B in the Rough field in the southern North Sea.

Located 29km off the east coast of Yorkshire, Rough is the UK’s largest gas storage facility and can meet around 10% of the UK’s peak daily demand. It is designed to inject gas supplied from Centrica Storage customers via the Easington onshore terminal into the Rough field reservoir approximately 300m below the seabed. This stored gas is then available to be put back into the National Transmission System at rates of up to 45 million cubic metres per day.


SPIE’s highly skilled electrical and instrumentation engineering resource includes a full term reactive and PPM maintenance package and installation activities, together with testing and pre-commissioning of the completed electrical and instrumentation platform.

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