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Views from Team SPIE

Who better to tell you about life at SPIE than ‘Team SPIE’ themselves? We have put together some interesting case studies so that rather than hearing it from the company itself, you can hear it from the people who work here. People who have embarked on their career journey within SPIE and have taken advantage of all that has been offered to unlock their potential.

    Amir Aalabaf

    Amir Aalabaf, Graduate Development Engineer

    I came across SPIE through university advertisements. At the time I was soon to become a fresh graduate wanting to develop myself in a role which would expose me to variety of fields and projects.

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    Elliot Blythe

    Elliot Blythe, Previous Professional Trainee Quantity Surveyor, now Assistant Quantity Surveyor

    One of the key attributes SPIE UK had to offer was the diversity of work and also the incredibly supportive trainee programme which is renowned for producing talented and career driven employees.

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    Abdul Hafiz

    Abdul Hafiz, Professional Trainee Electrical Engineer

    I was at school and one of my friends told me about a role at SPIE. I investigated further through a job-board where SPIE was advertising. I went through the testimonials which really began to inspire me. I had no qualifications and sent in my CV, within a few weeks I heard back with an invitation for an interview.

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    Craig Hanton

    Craig Hanton, Professional Trainee Project Engineer

    I have been with SPIE for 10 years since leaving high school. I originally went for an interview for a trade apprenticeship and was interviewed for a job as an Electrician by SPIE. With good school grades under my belt, during the interview I was asked whether I would be interested in a role as an Assistant Engineer – which I was!

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    Nick Hume

    Nick Hume, Professional Trainee Quantity Surveyor

    In 2013 I joined SPIE with very little knowledge of the building services industry and now after the experience I have gained I am now able to manage the finances of a project from start to finish.

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    Will Miles

    Will Miles, Professional Trainee Mechanical Engineer

    I left school and went to college for a year. I did some part-time work, and then, through a friend of the family I heard about careers for school and college leavers at SPIE. Armed with my CV and displaying my GCSE results (including Maths, English and Science), I wrote to SPIE to see whether there were any opportunities.

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    Chris White

    Chris White, Professional Trainee Strategy & Development Co-ordinator

    After completing my A-levels I didn’t have a clear view of what career path I wanted to pursue. SPIE was able to provide an opportunity where I could both ‘Earn and Learn’ to benefit from theoretical study and application to the real world.

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    Ben Hopper

    Ben Hopper , Apprentice Electrician

    I was attracted by the various types of work and projects that SPIE is involved with, such as mechanical, electrical and public health. Although I am currently an electrical apprentice I would also like to learn more about the mechanical trade to aid my progress.

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    Maria Studzinska

    Maria Studzinska, Graduate Project Manager

    Being a SPIE graduate allowed me to work with great people on a variety of projects across the whole business. Other than typical building projects I had a chance to work on internal strategic, compliance, contractual and commercial projects.

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    Ryan Harding

    Ryan Harding, Apprenticeship Electrician / Trainee Engineer

    I have worked on a variety of different projects such as hospitals, schools, office buildings, prisons and even robotic conveyor systems. I enjoy the versatility of the job. I could be in an office building one week connecting small data cables, then the next week I could be outside pulling in large heavy armoured cables.

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    Scott McGinty

    Scott McGinty, Apprentice Fire & Security Systems Engineer

    I was looking around for jobs that would suit me. I felt it was really appealing to deal with cameras and liked the idea of wiring things up. I had 3 Scottish Higher Certificates in Product Design, PE and English as well as standard grades in Maths, Science and others, so I wanted to put these to good use.

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    Ilias Valasopoulos

    Ilias Valasopoulos, Rotational Graduate Role/ Project Management

    What attracted me to SPIE UK is a combination of three things. First of all, the people I’ve met during my interviews, David Mills (Head of L&D), Laura Hamilton (L&D Advisor) and Will Smith (MD Scotland).

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    Ben Whitfield

    Ben Whitfield, Professional Trainee Development Engineer

    The support structure SPIE provides for Apprentices, Professional Trainees and Graduates is excellent. The wealth of knowledge and expertise within the company means that there is always someone to guide, support, coach and mentor you through your chosen career pathway.

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    Villie Xeni

    Villie Xeni, Previous Mechanical Graduate now Project Engineer

    My father was working for SPIE Facilities Services in Greece, so when I finished my university degree I was ready for the world of work! Knowing that SPIE has offices in a number of countries, I was able to send my CV to the UK subsidiary and I was invited to interview by teleconference.

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    David Yarrow

    David Yarrow, Apprentice Trainee Linesman

    I am mainly involved with 11KV High Voltage refurbishment projects which involves refurbishing of mainlines and spurs all the way to the consumer. I have also been involved in new connections and storm damage works all over the UK.

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