As a service company, our employees are our major asset. We care for them by striving to provide a safe work place, offering training and career progression opportunities, and fostering constructive industrial relations.

Levy Gifting

SPIE UK has pledged £50,000 from its apprenticeship levy fund with Total People (part of the LTE Group) to sponsor and support the engineering sector for the next 12 months.

The Apprenticeship Levy is a 0.5 per cent tax on UK employers who have an annual salary bill in excess of £3 million per year. This is paid monthly into a central fund and used to fund training and learning opportunities for our regular intake of new apprentices as well as the upskilling of existing employees.

Developing the next generation of engineers

In response to the limited amount of funding available for smaller companies, and to enable larger organisations to make good use of their unspent Levy funds, the Government has made it possible for levy-paying employers to 'gift' up to 25 per cent of their apprenticeship levy to fund new apprenticeships in other organisations.

SPIE UK has seized this opportunity to make its levy funds work as hard a possible by partnering with the non-profit organisation Total People to gift £100,000 to the engineering sector to help develop the next generation of engineers.

As an organisation, we understand the importance of investing in our people, their training and their futures. We are thrilled to not only support our own workforce but also to give smaller companies the opportunity to grow and develop theirs.

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