We strive to reduce our carbon footprint as well as those of our clients and partners thanks to our internal actions and involvement in green economy projects.

As a group, we are measuring the positive environmental impact of our services using the Green Share indicator which is a recent European Standard based on the percentage of a company’s revenue received from activities that substantially contribute to the 6 environmental objectives below. 

6 environmental objectives

In fact, 42% of SPIE's revenue is now generated by activities that help to substantially mitigate the effects of climate change.

By combining energy efficiency, innovation, and performance, we ensure that we are not only contributors to the development of smart cities and smart buildings, but also enablers by bringing forward innovative solutions to environmental problems.

One of the many ways we help our customers and stakeholders achieve their sustainability ambitions is through our line of high-performance energy and environmental management solutions. We tailor these to meet each customers’ needs, bringing outstanding engineering expertise to bear on any challenges they might have.

Through our energy surveys, we provide customers with a transparent view of their energy consumption and advise which solutions will contribute best to reducing their carbon footprint.​

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