SPIE UK is a smart engineering and technology-driven solutions provider for the built environment.

We engineer, manage and optimise smart spaces and places leveraging emerging technologies for our customers that improve where people work, learn and live.

Smart City

Operating at the convergence of digital technology and the built environment, we deliver Smart City solutions to our clients in urban areas across the country by bringing together our specialist engineering expertise and leveraging new technology solutions.

Smart Workplace

Whether you're responsible for a commercial business or industrial facility, today's convergence of engineering and technology provides unique opportunities to optimise the performance of a space, its assets, the people that work within it, but above all, its sustainability.

SPIE UK delivers smart city and smart workplace solutions through the convergence of digital technology and the built environment.


Saving Scottish schools 1,800 tonnes of CO2 annually.


Maintaining and optimising Tate's museums for more than 29 years

Asset 11 Asset 13

Delivering 90% of our work in live buildings


Excelling in health and safety with the RoSPA Gold Award 2019